Basic Concepts

Death2Spam is a highly advanced Internet email classifier, a virtual "Expert System". Its third-generation spam detection technology is based on statistical analysis of the word-frequency (probability) distributions from vast numbers of good and spam email messages.

Once you tell the D2S server where to look for your mail, it will get it for you, and check each piece of mail against hundreds of discriminators. D2S is not rules-based, and doesn't need you to fiddle with any "keywords". Its accuracy is far superior to current simplistic spam filtering methods. Death2Spam stays way in front of any new spammer tricks!

D2S compares each piece of email against:

  • Huge databases of known spam, collected from Internet mailboxes over several years.
  • How you've taught it to classify your email in terms of your preferences.
  • By learning from other users of D2S (the filter learns everytime a user classifies an email as spam or otherwise).

Before being sent to you, D2S marks the subject field for each piece of email like this:

  • [spam]     D2S knows that the email is definitely spam.
  • [spam?]   D2S thinks that the email is spam, but is not certain.
  • [???]         D2S is very unsure about this email, and knows it!
  • [good?]   D2S thinks that the email is good, but is not certain.

If D2S knows the email is some good stuff you want to see (like a notification that you've just won the lottery), it's passed through unmarked. Your mail is retrieved by your email program exactly as before, and you don't even know it's been checked... except for the telltale addition to the email's subject field.

The system is highly trainable: you can change the classification assigned by D2S so that all future email of that type will be given the changed classification. See how to change an email's category.