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death2spam Death2Spam is an advanced, massively-collaborative, trainable email classification system which precisely intercepts spam, malware, phishing, and all other types of junk email before it gets to your desktop. There's nothing to download, nothing to install, and D2S does not interfere with your existing email account or mail software in any way.

The Death2Spam Mail Server is a third-generation Internet email filtering service, built around an amazingly accurate word-frequency distribution analyzer. This incredibly powerful technology compares the pattern of words found in an incoming message against a vast database of "good" and "spam" emails. It then assigns each email a probability score indicating whether that message is good and interesting, or is just another piece of useless junk mail.

Even more significantly, the system learns by simply noticing how people deal with their messages. After you've re-classified a couple dozen messages according to your personal preferences, Death2Spam can almost read your mind! Nothing escapes it -- it can easily discern subtle clues in an email that even a well-trained human wouldn't know how to find! And the spam-recognition system learns fast. After you've retrieved 100 or so messages through the filter, its accuracy is outstanding. Better than 99%!

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