Setting User Preferences

Click the preferences link on your Account Summary page. Your user preferences update screen will be displayed...

 Setting the filter's aggression level
  • The lenient option allows more spam through, reducing the risk of incorrectly identifying good messages as spam (false positives).
  • The default setting provides a good compromise between the risk of false positives and having too much junk mail slip past the filter.
  • The aggressive option moves the spam-cutoff point to eliminate more false negatives (spam mis-classified as good), but increases the risk of false positives. This option should only be selected on well-trained D2S accounts.
 Controlling the delivery of spam messages

If this box is checked, D2S delivers the full content of any spam email. If you're using the Death2Spam SMTP Sentinel service, and the box is unchecked, junk messages are quarantined on the server and not relayed on to your POP mailbox.

 Displaying the recipient address

Ticking this checkbox causes the "To" email address to be displayed in the message listing screens for your account's spam, good and unsure folders.

 Tagging of spam and unsure messages

It is recommended that you leave this box checked so you can easily see the message's classification, and your email program will be able to filter junk mail into the trash.

 Immediate deletion of viruses

If this checkbox is ticked, D2S will trash any viruses immediately. Otherwise, when a potentially malicious attachment is detected, the message is stored in your account's "virus" folder (after its executable content has been removed).

 Number of messages

Enter a number into each of these settings:

  • The number of messages to display per page on your message listing screens.
  • The number of "ghost" emails kept in your spam and good mail folders. Initially, you should leave this set to a higher number (e.g. 100), until the system is trained on your emails. If this setting is very large (e.g. 1000), your message listing pages can be quite slow to display.

Click the Save button to store any changed preferences. The Finish button will return you to your Account Summary screen.