Death2Spam Pricing

The Death2Spam email security service is free during your first month (trial period). This gives you an opportunity to train the filter's message classifier, and get a good feeling for how it all works. Subsequently, service subscriptions can be paid by Credit Card, PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer or Direct Debit (bank to bank).

Per-User Pricing (USD)

 # User Licenses   Premium
POP Proxy (Business) 
 SMTP Sentinel Service
(Outsourced MSP) 
In-house Installation 
5-10 users N/A $4.95 per month
$59.95 per year
11-50 users N/A $4.50 per month
$54.95 per year
51-100 users N/A $3.95 per month
$44.95 per year
101-500 users N/A $3.50 per month
$39.95 per year
$2.50 per month
$24.95 per year
501-1000 users N/A $3.00 per month
$34.95 per year
$2.00 per month
$19.95 per year
1000+ users N/A $2.50 per month
$24.95 per year
Price on application

Premium D2S membership provides 99% spam filtering accuracy, predictive anti-virus, unlimited technical support, an email hosting service, 24-hour problem resolution, webmail facilities, monthly software upgrades and summary reports per domain.

D2S Services: Options & Features

  POP Proxy SMTP Sentinel D2S Install
Collaborative global database   check check uncheck
Email account statistics & logging   check check check
Dictionary training (re-classifications)   check check check
Personal database & unlimited storage   check check check
Utilizes realtime blacklist servers (RBL)   check check check
Filtering aggression-level options   check check check
Server-based predictive anti-virus   check check check
Per-domain summary reporting   uncheck check check
Help-desk & technical support   check check check
POP3 email hosting (optional)   check check check
Automated POP email fetcher   check uncheck uncheck
Monthly software upgrades   check check check
Webmail (browser-based)   check check check
Carrier-Grade uptime SLA   check check uncheck
Email archiving services   uncheck check check
Average spam-recognition accuracy   99.5% 99.5% 99.0%