Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Once spam and junk email is identified, it's very easy to get rid of...

If your email program has filtering available, create a filter to trash all mail that has "[spam]" in the subject line, as shown in the Eudora example below. All the spam email magically disappears into the trash bin, and all you see are the ones you really want. Happiness!

eudora spam filter

Some email clients refer to "filtering", and others (e.g. Pegasus, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) refer to "rules". You can easily create a rule to delete "[spam]" emails in these programs, in a similar manner to the filter setup shown above for Eudora.

outlook spam filter

If filtering rules are not available in your email program, click on the "Subject" heading in the title bar of your inbox to sort the mail alphabetically. This displays email whose subject starts with "[spam]" all grouped together. Simply select all the spam, smile an evil grin, and hit <Delete> on your keyboard!