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The D2S Mail Server is third-generation Internet email filtering software, built around an amazingly accurate word-frequency distribution analyzer. This powerful AI technology compares the pattern of words found in an incoming message against a vast database of "good", "spam" and "virus" emails. It then assigns each message a probability score, indicating whether that message is interesting, yet another piece of annoying junk mail, or something more sinister...


Even more significantly, the system learns by simply noticing how people deal with their messages. After re-classifying a few messages according to your personal preferences, Death2Spam can almost read your mind! Nothing escapes it -- D2S can easily discern subtle clues in an email that even a well-trained human wouldn't know how to find! And the spam-recognition system learns fast. After you've retrieved 100 or so messages through the filter, its accuracy is outstanding. Better than 99%!

Month's Free Trial

Give it a try -- you've nothing to lose but your spam!  Eliminate 99% of junk email and viruses from your domain's inbound email, at a monthly fee of $5 per user.  Try D2S out, train your own Expert System, and be delighted with an uncluttered email inbox!  That's our promise.


Products & Services

Email Security for Business

Industrial-strength Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solutions are delivered by a D2S Managed Service Provider, easily configured by updating your domain's Mail Exchanger (MX) record. Processing of email through a D2S hosted service provides 99.9% user-driven control over the contents of inbound messages.   [ User Logon ]

Enterprises & Internet Service Providers

Highly reliable SMTP Sentinel Server AV/AS solutions can easily be deployed at enterprise and ISP email gateways.  Death2Spam integrates seamlessly with customer accounting systems, mail servers and company websites.  When tuned to the message feed, this filter is the connoisseur's choice, with near-zero false positives and trivial administration requirements.

start-quote Received:   Thu, 5 May 2005
Subject:   Death2Spam

Death2Spam has been one of our most successful IT investments this year. Our 2,300 e-mail users were receiving a mountain of Spam, and this was causing our e-mail server to have intermittent outages. Since running with D2S, we have not had an outage. I use to receive 80 to 100 Spam a day. Not any more. And D2S is so accurate that I have yet to find a good e-mail that has been tagged as Spam. If you are looking for a fantastic Spam & Virus filter for your e-mail system, you simply cannot beat D2S. My sincere thanks to the D2S team.

-- Jason Wills, Chief Technology Officer, Harcourts International Ltd           More...