death2spam enterprise edition

Death2Spam Enterprise Edition

The Death2Spam Enterprise Edition suite is an industrial-strength email content-control system, especially designed for enterprise deployment. Particularly suited to ISP and corporate gateways, this solution utilizes a robust and reliable SMTP proxy server, scalable to provide filtering for thousands of users, with virtually no administrative overhead.

D2S Enterprise Edition is a high-performance spam and virus filter, deployed as a Mail Application Server. It is typically installed behind an organization's firewall, in front of internal mail servers. D2S will work with any firewall or SMTP-compliant messaging system. Database administration, downloads of spammer blacklists and signatures, and the installation of client software are all eliminated with D2S. Being a gateway server, spam and viruses are accurately identified and quarantined before getting into the network.

High-Q Heuristics

When a message arrives, D2S analyzes it by tokenizing the SMTP headers, textual contents and attachments. The filtering engine then probabilistically compares all tokens detected against a database derived from large samples of known-good and spam emails, and the message is assigned a probability of its being spam. If the email is recognized to be junk, it is (optionally) rejected or subject-lined tagged. Messages are then relayed on to the destination mail server.

Death2Spam's third-generation spam detection technology is based on statistical analysis of the word-frequency (probability) distributions from vast numbers of good and spam email messages. Its unique self-learning logic means no "whitelists" or "blacklists" are necessary -- users briefly train it to their preferences, then forget it. The ability to learn from other users makes D2S the only commercially-available Bayesian email control system which uses two-phase (both consensual and individual) filtering heuristics.

Absolute Accuracy

Death2Spam's accuracy is far superior to current simplistic spam filtering methods. Of the mail classified by D2S as either good or spam, accuracy rates are typically in excess of 99.5%. Administrators can set their own parameters regarding the false positive and false negative rates, depending on company policy. Third-party performance testing recently completed found that D2S and its features provide email administrators with dramatic savings in network traffic, and near 100% efficiency in managing spam and viruses.

Availability, Compatibility & Pricing

The D2S Enterprise Edition gateway server software is available for immediate delivery, and can be deployed on any operating system that supports a Java Virtual Machine. Single-server licenses start from $20/user per year, which includes frequent software upgrades, 24-hour problem resolution turnaround, and premium technical support.

We can alternatively provide a fully managed (outsourced) spam-control solution, including complete service, support and server monitoring options, competitively priced from $3.50/user per month. Service Provider (reseller) licensing is available for ISP's on a revenue-sharing basis, priced extremely competitively -- contact us for details.