Features and Benefits

Ease of Installation
Small Footprint No new hardware required
Diverse Install Environment Easy to create a redundant environment
One point deployment and update
Does not require additional hardware
Gateway Application Supports the most popular platforms, e.g. Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Macintosh OS-X, DEC OSF1, FreeBSD, SGI Irix Systems
Portable to suit the changing needs of an organization
Increasing Accuracy
Bayesian (Probabalistic) Analysis Blocks 95% of all spam out of the box
Blocks 99% of spam after only a few weeks training
Less than 1 in 10,000 false positives
High-Q Heuristics Maximized spam detection and blocking
Global/System Database Fast learning from all users in the system
Per Account Database Empowers the user to personalize what is junk and what is desirable, according to their preferences
Adaptive Filtering (Self Learning) No updating of lists or signature files is necessary
Blocks the most current spam without any updating
Minimizing Total Cost of Ownership
Gateway Application Stops spam before it enters the network
Lowers network traffic
Centralized deployment and control
Self-Learning No spam dictionary updates required
No day-to-day maintenance requirements for the administrator
No time-consuming black and white list maintenance
As learning progresses, little (to no) user intervention is required
Automated Filtering No need to manually inspect email in order to create signature files
Users' privacy assured!
Browser Interface for Users No end-user application installation required
No specialized browser plug-ins required
Scalable to 1000's of Users No additional hardware requirements
Add users without infrastructure changes
Web-based Administrative Tuning and Reporting Real-time monitoring of tuning and its effect on spam blocking
Administrator can control spam detection sensitivity system-wide
Monitor server traffic/usage and user mail volume