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Date:    Thu, 5 May 2005
Subject: Death2Spam

Death2Spam has been one of our most successful IT investments this
year. Our 2,300 e-mail users were receiving a mountain of Spam, and
this was causing our e-mail server to have intermittent outages.
Since running with D2S, we have not had an outage.  I use to receive
80 to 100 Spam a day.  Not any more.  And D2S is so accurate that I
have yet to find a good e-mail that has been tagged as Spam.

If you are looking for a fantastic Spam & Virus filter for your e-mail
system, you simply cannot beat D2S.

My sincere thanks to the D2S team.

Jason Wills
Chief Technology Officer
Harcourts International Ltd

Date:    Wed, 11 May 2005
Subject: An endorsement for you

Richard has developed a tremendous spam management product - death2spam.
I use it exclusively and it has reduced my spam problem to zero.

Roger Gower,
Chairman and Chief Executive,
Doctor Global

Date:    Fri, 29 Oct 2004
Subject: RE: BBC E-mail: Joke e-mail virus tricks users

As an Internet business, I can't afford to be crippled by an email virus.
I use both McAfee and Death2Spam for "double protection". But guess what?
Death2Spam was protecting me at least 24 hours ahead of McAfee! Meanwhile,
I'm still waiting for a McAfee update to protect me!

Serwind Netzler

Date:    Mon, 26 Jul 2004
Subject: Thanks!

Just a note to say that I'm super-happy with the way that Death2Spam
is working at present ... it's extremely accurate and it saves me
inordinate amounts of time ... on the spam-filtering front, your
accuracy is extremely good!! Thanks!

Mark Evans
CTO & Online Business Manager
IDG Communications Ltd New Zealand

Date:    Tue, 27 Jul 2004
Subject: RE: Death2Spam - How's your evaluation going?

Now this is something! With only minimal training this is a result I
could go to production with! No false positives and a tendency to let
some spam through, rather than being too tight ... technically, the
sophistication is impressive ...

I'm generally in favour of statistical filters (sort of "A Plan for
Spam" disciple, if you will ;-), and of D2S in particular. The
product just shows so much thoroughness and craftsmanship.

Best regards,
Thomas Herchenroeder

Date:    Tue, 27 Jul 2004
Subject: D2S blocked 14 viruses - thanks!

Wow! D2S is really catching the viruses. Great! I got 14 of them

John Hall
Sausalito Networking, Inc.
Network Security and System Integrators

Date:    Tue, 13 Jul 2004
Subject: Changing D2S password

Thanks for your very prompt support today, it's much appreciated!

Looking at the logs for 2 of our accounts, we are getting between 80% and
90% Spam. Unfortunately we are forced to publish our e-mail addresses on
our web site, so this sort of thing is to be expected.

However, with D2S as the middleman, it's pretty rare that any of this Spam
gets through. Each time I look at the Spam folder for these accounts, I am
amazed at how effective the D2S filtering is and how much crap we are no
longer seeing since joining D2S in February this year.

Many thanks to all at D2S for an excellent product.
Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards
Grant Keymer
Industrial Computer & Embedded Computer Systems

Date:    Fri, 2 Jul 2004
Subject: Thank you!

Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provide. Filtering
out spam and viruses so they do not reach the server makes my
professional life so much easier!!!

Thank you, Again and Again!!!

Sue Sims
IT Systems Administrator
Spectrum Organic Products, Inc.

"The best commercial server-level Bayesian filter is probably Death2Spam."
   Plan for Spam FAQ  -- Paul Graham